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June 5, 2013
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Snowbound - 11 Page Manga Preview by hythrain Snowbound - 11 Page Manga Preview by hythrain

Like this? Watch me so you can find out more about what's happening with Snowbound!

HOLY CRAP! This took a long time to get finished, but it was SO worth it! What you're looking at is an 11 page preview of Snowbound, the manga I'll be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon to try and raise money to help speed up production.

For some more info about Snowbound, check out this journal (It's not a lot, but it's what matters right now in development): [link]

Also, I just noticed how badly those boxes on pages 5 and 6 turned out. Sorry about that! it's the result of some hasty editing on my part and not looking. I should've taken a look at them before hand. Won't happen again. Those WON'T look so bad in any form beyond this posting!

... I wonder how many people noticed the teacher's name.

Snowbound Team (All of us are on deviantART, under the usernames given)

Story: Drew "Hythrain" Byrne
Character Panel Art: Anna "Rikae" Tsocheva
Background Panel Art: Rachel "FalyneVarger" Marks
Toning: Laurie "Cetriya" Thomas
Story Editing: Anne "Fycrixe" Hinson
Paneling (Only for pages 2 through 11 in the preview): Christine "Mayshing" Chong

Please check everyone out, and if you like it keep a watch on me for future Snowbound news!

Snowbound Drew Byrne
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I'm liking this so far!  You just earned another watcher! ^^
Very nice looking pages and tones.
I'm Diggin the Art-Style
Zyden Jun 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I am the last panel 8I
"Bestest isn't a word," huh? XD
Lepas Jun 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Looks really great!

One thing I would look at is the leading (vertical space in between lines of text). Yours is a little high and it breaks up the text blocks a little bit.

Good luck!
Huh... My brain had just never noticed that. I'll play around with it, make it a bit closer. I need to try and fix some problems anyway (Like those boxes in pages 4 and 5 that scale weirdly)
Lepas Jun 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Don't worry about getting things perfect! Just do the best you can and learn as you go. Being able to look at your own work critically is huge. I think you're off to a great start.

p.s. please I hope you are doing these at 300dpi or greater. I made the mistake of only making my pages web-sized when I first started because "why would I ever want to print it" and it has been the biggest disaster. I don't want anyone to have to deal with that same problem! It will be a real shame with all the work you've clearly put into these.
I've learned a lot about being critical of my own work from a previous attempt at doing a webcomic (which I don't think went so well for me, writing wise. I'm currently trying to reboot that comic).

The pages are at 300 DPI in my original files, making them 1650x2325 pixels. I had the intention from the very start to print this (In fact, I kind of wanted to have a fully printed volume before I posted it up for people to read). However, some of the artist I work with have admitted this pixel size is small for them while working. Starting at page 12, I'm thinking of running things at 3300x4650 and 600 DPI.
Lepas Jun 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
If you are wanting to print manga sized books, those are 5.25x7.75 inches. So you could do that at 300+dpi and be fine.

Manga sized is what the Zap! pages are and I honestly think it is too small anymore. My next comic will probably be standard american comic book sized, just because it's bigger.

And you can always work larger, as long as the ratio is the same as your final print size. I draw the Zap! pages at something like 9x13 inches.

So, I don't know! I just don't want anyone to make the same mistake I did!
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